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Show your client what his flat will look like, using an interactive investment presentation! Use the TOUCH application so that you can see the interior of the premises, view from the window, and explore the area.


The application interface has been designed in an intuitive way to ensure the convenience of using it at the first contact. The 3D presenter will guide your client by showing him the investment.

Identifying needs

The choice of the apartment has never been so easy! In the application the client searches for the investment according to his preferences. Thanks to the filtering functionality, it will find your dream home.


One application, many possibilities.

Sales office

Present property to clients in your office. Show all the advantages of their future investment in a simple and effective way, thanks to the TOUCH application.


Your booth at the fair will become the most visited place thanks to our 3D presenter, who in a realistic way reflects the investments.


TOUCH is also a convenient and necessary application for conducting conferences. Thanks to its capabilities, it saves you time and its presentation functionality will allow you to conduct effective business talks.

Screens for advisers

Your advisors, thanks to small and convenient screens, with the TOUCH application, will be able to present their premises to clients in the office. This is extremely helpful when conducting talks about investments.

Big touch screens

Interactive touch screens are currently popular information carriers. For you, it will be a form of presentation that will contribute to the increase in sales of your premises.

Vector Smart Object
Vector Smart Object
View of investment in 3D
Real properties presented in the Touch application are 3D models, thanks to which they perfectly reflect the appearance of buildings. Technologically advanced graphics allow to achieve photorealistic effect.
Change the time of the day
The TOUCH application allows you to view the property at any time of the day or night. Thanks to this solution, you can thoroughly check the insolation and lighting of the building.
Apartment search engine
With the Touch application you can choose the ideal parameters of the apartment, thanks to the functional filtration, and then look at the proposed properties.
For people for whom 3D preview is not enough, we also offer the opportunity to view real estate photos. Both interior and surroundings.
Interesting places in the area
The application is equipped with a current map with nearby stores and outlets, which allows you to immediately see if the location of the apartment is comfortable. The option of checking the route will allow the customer to orientate in a distance from the selected points.
Apartaments in 3D
TOUCH has the ability to model all apartments in the investment, which gives the client a better idea of how his future housing will look like. A furnished flat looks cozy and looks much better than traditional PDF plans.
Integration with the database
Dwellings displayed in the application are automatically downloaded from the customer's database (CRMa). Their availability is updated on a regular basis, thanks to efficient integration.
Application statistics
Thanks to the statistics, you will find out which flat customers have seen most often and which PDF plans have been sent to them by e-mail. For your convenience, we can integrate leads collection with any CRM.
3D Move
Virtual reality
3D Move

You can walk around the apartment and view every detail. Just like you were there! Just put on special glasses, and in a few seconds you will move to virtual reality!

Websites that sell

We have completed over 20 projects for various developers, which is why we perfectly understand this industry, and also know its market and needs. We also know how to design a website to contribute to the sale of premises and investment promotion.

Animated 3D objects

Now you can transform all printed materials into animated 3D objects. This will not increase the cost of printing, and it will give you additional interactive features. Thanks to Extend, it's very simple.

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