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the real estate market

3D WEB search engine

We have created a dedicated solution for presenting a residential investment, hotel or other investment on the site. 3D Web Search Engine supports sales and gives you unlimited marketing opportunities.

Investment in 3D

We enable displaying real estate on the website. The qualities of the investment, its appearance, floors and arrangement in relation to streets are presented to the potential customer immediately after entering the website, thanks to which he is even more likely to decide to come to the sales office.

Presentation of apartments

3D search engine allows you to present the layout of the storey and each flat in the form of 2D and 3D. Each flat has its own unique address, which allows you to track the user throughout the history of interacting with the offer on the site.

Increased sales

3D search engine increases interest in apartments. Users willingly send contact forms with questions about specific apartments, which translates into a better conversion and faster understanding of customer preferences.

Interactive websites

Websites implemented by YSLAB are primarily care for details, support in building a brand and an innovative approach to each project. Our goal is to create systems that perfectly reflect customer expectations.

Increased sales


More information

Modern solutions

Marketing automation

Information became the basis for the functioning of most companies. We enable access to information about each user who visits the website. The result of this information is personalized marketing messages and increased caloricity of leads.

Be a step ahead of the client

Get to know the customer

Improve your marketing strategy

Generate more leads

Increase sales

Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map allows you to create and optimize user paths, resulting in increased conversion of leads and final customers.

Together with our clients, we map the user's way of interacting with the offer, and then on its basis we prepare marketing automation processes.